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Meet the Doctor!

VW PHARMACY is one of the largest Volkswagen parts dismantlers in South Florida, and has been independently owned and operated for more than twenty years. Our experienced team has over twenty years experience in repairing and rebuilding Volkswagens. We are proud to pass this experience on to you, our customers. VW Pharmacy's highly trained personnel can help you diagnose a problem by giving us as much, specific information as possible. We save you time by not having to go to a dealer, and we also save you money by offering quality parts at a price that fits your wallet.

Whether you need a single part or want a whole car, we have a constantly changing selection of used and damaged cars for sale. This is great for those of you who want a weekend project rebuilding your very own car.

We have quality new, used, and rebuilt parts available for sale, and we restock our inventory weekly to ensure that we can meet your needs.

VW PHARMACY is now also offering Audi parts and accessories for some models. Please contact us for details.

Our professional salespeople are bilingual and ARE here to serve you with all of your Volkswagen and Audi needs."

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